Saturday, January 30, 2010

p.e. no.14 - Avery Peak

A few days ago I caught this image of Avery Peak at sunset. See how the snow blows off the top?

It looked very different last May when a group of us hiked up to the summit...

This is the entrance to an old mine shaft on the side of the abandoned road into Virginia Basin.

Looking back at Gothic Mountain from Virginia Basin.

Avery is pyramid shaped. Once we reached the mountain itself we followed the narrow ridge up to the summit. This pinnacle is almost unnoticeable from below, but dominates the valley from just above.

Weeks before this hike a dust storm blew in from Utah depositing a fine layer of pinkish powder on everything. The dust being darker than snow, it quickly melted its way through the snow pack, exposing the ground much faster than normal.

Gothic face and bowl from near the summit of Avery.

The town of Crested Butte.


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